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Inspiration & Ideation

Ideas, inspiration & ideation from 20 years of psychology.
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My Inspiration

Bodhi { Sanskrit }
Knowledge. Wisdom. Awakened intellect.

Zen { Chinese }
Feeling peaceful. Intuition through meditation. Union of body and mind.

Susegado { Portugese }
A contented form of life existent in the state. A relaxed attitude and the enjoyment of life to the fullest.

Wabi – Sabi { Japanese }
Accepting the transient. The world as imperfect, incomplete, impermanent in nature.

Immersion. Energised focus. Complete involvement.

Collective unconscious. Tapping into deep,dark,difficult spaces.

Inner Core
Soul work. Gut connections. True self.

Healing Foods
You are what you eat. Your body makes its own medicine.

My Ideation

Thoughts become things,
Things stay stuck.
In that stuck-ness,
There is a polarity.
Within that polarity,
Is all the different parts of you.
You are not just the ‘you’ that you project,
There are other parts of you.
Get in touch with those thoughts.
Learn how to choose better ones
Train yourself how not to be afraid of the ugly ones.
Go deeper.
Find your feelings.
What moves you, what stirs you,
Who imapcts you, who doesn’t.
Does it belong to the now,
Or to another time – childhood, maybe.
Staying in the here and now,
Is the way to bring you into your own body.
To embody your feelings.
To connect.
To be rooted.

Divya C Berry

Divya C Berry

I am an MBPsS and MBACP accredited counsellor and psychologist. I hold degrees from LSE, University of London and City University London in Social Psychology and Health Psychology at the MA level.

I have five years of clinical practice at Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences in New Delhi, and have recently completed three years of training at the Gestalt Centre in London. I am currently based in London and am available for online consultations.